RFP-5 System

Our RFP-5 test systems for the inspection of the geometry of tires, wheels and rims are integrated in machines from different manufacturers and designs. They are available for any tire size and can be integrated into the following types of machine: uniformity-, balancing-, geometry machines for tires or wheels as well as in test stands for rims.

For the measurement of geometry sensors are as follows: sheet-of-light, point laser, capacitive sensor.

A positioning system for 1 to 3 sensors proceeds them automatically to the desired measuring track.

The RFP-5 system will also be applied with the retrofit of existing uniformity machines. Digital instrumentation amplifier and the use of a soft PLC allow for the implementation of a timely measurement and control concept.

As part of the TIC and WIC machine it measures geometrical parameters, forces, or the imbalance of the test object.

TG Tire Geometry:

  • Bulges
  • Depressions
  • Radial runout
  • Lateral runout
  • Wobble
  • Harmonic analyses of lateral or radial runout
  • Harmonic analyses of wobble
  • Tread radius 
  • Tire circumference

TU Tire Uniformity:

  • RFPP Radial force peak to peak [N]
  • RFH Radial force harmonic 0…31 [N]
  • LFPP Lateral force peak to peak[N]
  • LFH Lateral force harmonic 0…31 [N]
  • Lateral force[N]
  • Conicity [N]
  • Ply steer [N]
  • Radial peak [N]
  • Penetration depth [mm]

 TB Tire Balancing:

  • static imbalance
  • dynamic imbalance
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