RFP-5 Measuring sensors

For the measurements of the geometry of tires, wheels and rims there are 3 touchless measuring technologies available: the capacitive measuring technique, laser point and the sheet-of-light method. For all these technologies Seichter GmbH offers appropriate sensors. However, the sensors are available only for turnkey solutions based on the RFP-5 System or testing machines TIC and WIC.

Capacitive sensors RFP-5 DMU

DMU = Distance Measuring Unit - under this name you find capacitive distance measuring sensors. Between 2 electrodes an electrical field forms. The inspection item - the tire - approaches the sensor, thus changing the electrical field. The change resulted so far in the signal change on the output of the sensor. This allows the measuring conversions with a resolution of 1/100mm.

Point laser sensors RFP-5 LMU

LMU = Laser Measuring Unit - the point laser is based on the triangulation procedure. A measuring point with approximately 1 x 1 mm of expansion scans the tire surface.

Sheet-Of-Light sensors RFP-5 SMU

SMU = Sheet-Of-Light Measuring Unit - here the name is from the English term. The sheet-of-light method is based on the triangulation. However, a high-speed camera evaluates a laser line and not just one point. So a flat surface analysis is possible. An image analysis procedure RFP-5 TireChecker looks for bulges or depressions on the tire or calculated the lateral and radial runout as well as other parameters.


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