In 1981, the testing of tire geometry was in its infancy

Seichter GmbH has more than 30 years of expertise in measuring the geometry of tires. As early as 1982, we developed the world’s first electric bulge detection system for tires. Since then, sensor technology has kept pace with technical progress and benefited from extensive collaboration with the Institute of Measurement Technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. Today, the sheet-of-light system can be used to completely scan and evaluate the tire; with the tire’s sidewall structures being suppressed before an evaluation.

Our sheet-of-light sensor was developed for integration into the RFP5 positioning system. It can record up to 4,000 profiles per second and, with its line length of 65 mm, is the ideal design for measuring sidewalls. 

The TireChecker from Fraunhofer Institute IIS evaluates the images. It has very good sidewall structure suppression techniques to ensure that your valuable product does not lose value as a result of design elements.

High speed camera with line laser

Measurement range 60 mm
Profile width 75 mm
Measurement speed 60/min
Profiles per revolution 2.000

Technical Data

Cycle time*
(One direction of rotation, without rim width
adjustment, test pressure 400 kPa)
14.5 s
Runout/harmonics 0.035 mm   
Repeat accuracy (s)** ≤ 0,02 mm
Test pressure max. 500 kPa

* (s) Average standard deviation
** Measurement conditions: 10 x 10 test, verifiably tested master tires 16” (205/55 R16) with stable values, test pressure 200 kPa, rim contour as per WDK 109, tire mounting lubricant Dr. Schnell C12