Machine components for your inspection line

As a manufacturer of complete inspection lines, we are often asked whether we can produce and supply individual components. In general, we focus our development on testing machines for tire final finishing. These lines consist of individual machines, some are also now available with their own control and can be integrated into existing inspection lines of various manufacturers.

RCA Rim Change Assistant

The rim change assistant helps the operator change the measuring rims. The heavy rims do not need to be worn. The assistant can store up to 5 wheel sets on his shelf.


4 - Arm bead lube station (soaping station)

Here we present such a part machine: a 4 - arm bead lubricator, as it can be used in front of uniformity machines or geometry measuring machines of different suppliers. This is equipped with a soaping brush. This is sprayed with the soap inside a tank container at regular intervals. This solution with the brush ensures an even wetting of the entire bead. The 4 arms center the tires in front of the measuring machine. In addition, a bar code reader can be integrated and we can offer a solution for the precise assignment of measurements to a bar code on the sidewall of the tire. This procedure is called "tire spotting" and is done with the barcode camera.
Seifstation 4 Arme

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