Uniformity measurement at tires with RFP-5

Uniformity of forces between tire and road

Seichter GmbH offers the uniformity measurement with following features:

  • RFP-5 Switch Cabinet with RFP-5 Industry PC and RFP-5 Measuring Computer
  • Software for
    • measurement of the uniformity
    • control of the measuring cycle in the machine
  • Measuring amplifier linked to the load cells
  • LightBus: connection via fiber optic link to the machine PLC and measuring amplifiers
  • Combination with RFP-5 geometry measurement is possible


It is possible to integrate these components in existing uniformity machines of different manufacturers. In the meantime over 25 used machines of the manufacturersAkron standard (D70, ASTEC), Hofmann (RGM) and Schenck (FVM) are reequipped on newest technology.

Since 2005 Seichter GmbH produces the TU-machine for wheels: WIC = Wheel-Inspection-Center and since 2006 for tires: TIC = Tire Inspection Center.



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