3 generations

Keeping what is good, driving innovation

We, Seichter GmbH, have been a family-run company from the outset, now in the third generation. Our passion for and fascination with machine engineering was so to speak learned in the cradle. We are driven by our ambition to turn innovation into success. Our production location is in Hanover; we’re at home all over the world. 
Our product development is geared to the needs of the market, because only our customers can carry us into the future. Innovation, competence and systematic improvements ensure future-oriented products. The quality of our products ensures the shared success of both company and employees. 

As a family business, we listen carefully and know that partnership and fairness really matter. Everyone puts their heart and soul into it because each of us sees ourselves as partners: employees, customers and suppliers.
Running a traditional company like ours is always a special challenge. It’s important to preserve values that have evolved over time and to break new ground.

What counts for us is success in the long term. With sustainability across the board, we are prepared for the future.

I’d stake my reputation on it.