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Uniformity measurement at the very highest level

We have more than 25 years of specialized knowledge in the area of tire uniformity measurement. We work with fully digital signal processing to measure and evaluate radial, lateral and tangential forces. With our patented conicity correction process, we compensate for factors influencing the machine reliably and accurately. Fast and precise control of the inflation pressure is a prerequisite for the best possible measurement results.

To test a tire for uniformity, the components in contact with the tire, such as the load wheel, must contribute as little as possible to the measured value scatter. Our load wheels have very high cylindrical dimensional stability and very small concentricity errors. Due to high-precision mounting and a wear-resistant outer coating, the service lives are unmatched on the market. 

To measure a tire efficiently, the air pressure in the tire must be regulated as quickly and precisely as possible. The air pressure in the tire is one of the key parameters during the uniformity measurement. If the air pressure fluctuates during the measurement, the result fluctuates without any influence from the tire.
Our AIR (automatic inflation regulator) is the fastest and most precise tire pressure regulator on the market.

Technical Data

Measurement range lateral 9 kN
Measurement range radial 18 kN
Test pressure Max 500kPa
Measurement speed 60 min-1 – 90 min-1
Repeat accuracy (s)* radial force & harmonics ≤ 2 N
Repeat accuracy (s)* lateral force & harmonics ≤ 2 N
Repeat accuracy (s)* conicity ≤ 2 N
Repeat accuracy (s)* test load ≤ 20 N
Repeat accuracy (s)* test pressure ≤ 0.1 kPa
Repeat accuracy (s)* test pressure fluctuacion ≤ 0.2 kPa
Cycle time 1 rotating direction** 16 s
Cycle time 2 rotating directions** 20 s

* (s) = Average standard deviation
** Measurement conditions: 10 x 10 test, verifiably tested master tires 16” (205/55 R16) with stable values, test pressure 200 kPa, rim contour as per WDK 109, tire mounting lubricant Dr. Schnell C12