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doesn’t happen
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Minimized maintenance work – maximized machine availability

Maintenance is important but not productive. In addition to the durability of all components, ease of maintenance is an important aspect in the design of our technology. Access to maintenance points plays a key role here. Clear and well-structured machine engineering, fold-away conveyors, well thought-out cable routing – these and other features reduce maintenance times. Our machines are known for their durability and stability. 

We are happy to carry out regular maintenance on site or support you by remote access where necessary. 


Calibration of measurement equipment is often a part of maintenance work. 

We have developed the equipment needed for this specifically for our machines. This is our way of ensuring that operation is simple and results are reliable.

Repair of measuring rims

Our service specialists at our headquarters in Germany or at our service partner in China are professionals through and through. 
As with maintenance, we can be on site quickly for repairs, or provide you with remote support.