Software –
made by Seichter

Software life cycle and cybersecurity are coming to the fore.

We develop our software completely in-house – Made in Germany. Our many years of expertise have created the perfect environment to implement the changes you want to see in the measurement process quickly and precisely.

We see the future of software maintenance in maintenance contracts. Our customers get an annual release, giving them the same software version on their Seichter machines. As with all regular software releases, we fix minor shortcomings and roll out improvements and new features automatically.

A growing threat

Industrial PCs running with outdated operating systems can be found across all industries. We support you in strengthening your cybersecurity.

New metrics expand quality control

Improvements are continuously incorporated into the product. For example, the previous approach of being able to use only three of the available harmonics for classification in each case has now given way to the ability to use all harmonics for this purpose. This change, expected by many customers, will be available in the course of software maintenance for all customers to use in the future.

Other examples from the past are the ability to adjust the position of the measuring tracks directly in TireChecker, or the integration of new camera types.