Optimum preparation
for tires

Without lube, there can be no clean measuring process

The lube station has two basic functions that are crucial for the subsequent measurement of the tire. First, the tire bead is evenly moistened with a special lube solution. This ensures that the tire fits perfectly on the measuring rims. Second, the tire is precisely centered to ensure precise positioning in the measuring station.


  • Sturdy, proven and low maintenance – Reduce downtimes to a minimum
  • Optimum dosing of the lube solution – Goes easy on consumables and keeps the lube station and the following stations cleaner


  • Tire identification by barcode reader – Used for automatic inspection plan selection and tracking
  • Tire alignment using the barcode as a reference point
  • Integrated scale to determine the tire weight


A reliable process for chucking the tire in the measuring station is required for low measured value scatter. The basis for this is a uniformly moistened bead with controllable lube application.

High speed camera with line laser

Measurement range 60 mm
Profile width 75 mm
Measurement speed 60/min
Profiles per revolution 2.000

Technical Data

Cycle time*
(One direction of rotation, without rim width
adjustment, test pressure 400 kPa)
14.5 s
Runout/harmonics 0.035 mm   
Repeat accuracy (s)** ≤ 0,02 mm
Test pressure max. 500 kPa