out of conviction

High machine availability requires good service

Good service has many facets and depends on many influencing factors. For example, if spare parts are not available, even the best service technicians cannot help.

Over the years, our remote service has become highly valued. We can resolve many problems or failures within a short time. Working closely together with our customers, we have optimized the ease of maintenance of our machines and our compact design ensures the very best accessibility to all functional parts. 

Our service portfolio

  on site remote
Error analysis  
Preventive maintenance  
Trainings for operators and service
Advice for spare part stockpiling
Optimization of machinery (such as cycle time)
Implementation of individual customer requests

= preferred
= possible

Ease of maintenance doesn’t happen by chance

Time and again, our customers praise the ease of maintenance of Seichter testing machines. Our machines are very compact and ensure the very best accessibility to all functional parts.