Tire Inspection Center

Tire Inspection Center TIC-UG

Tire Inspection Center TIC-UG, for uniformity measurements and geometry measurements of car, light truck and motorcycle tires

Our Tire Inspection Center is at the heart of our machine portfolio. Compact machine engineering and modular software design are the main features of Seichter systems.
The highest costs are always caused by unplanned downtimes. Our customers confirm that the availability of Seichter machines sets the benchmark. That’s true even for machines that have been in service for well over 10 years.

We configure our TICs according to customer requirements as TIC-U (Uniformity), TIC-G (Geometry) and as a rule as TIC-UG.

What matters: Features of Seichter testing machines

  • 6,5” of rim width range allows a wide spectrum of tire dimensions
  • Fast and precise control of the filling pressure as the basic prerequisite for good measured values and short cycle times
  • Very compact design leeds to the smallest possible footprint for a Uniformity machine
  • Patented conicity correction is done on system level which saves time
  • Load wheel with highest wear resistance and tight tolerances
  • High availability due to large maintenance intervals
  • Good accessibility of all major components has been a major target in design
  • Outstanding repeat accuracy of the long time proven Seichter machine concept
  • Unique analysis of the load application point and adaptive stabilization time
  • Patented process reduces the influence of the change in direction of rotation
  • The measurement of tangential force is available on low speed machines
  • Very flexible configuration of the test by recipe

The spindle is at the heart of all measuring machines.
The Seichter spindle is particularly low-maintenance, stable and energy-efficient (no hydraulic unit required). 

A continuously variable 6.5" rim width adjustment range offers a valid advantage for production planning.

The GEOtwin from Seichter is the most modern and powerful geometry system on the market.
The core of the innovation is the creation of a digital twin of the surface of the tire to be measured. The calculation of a virtual tire is based on high-speed 3D sensors and an intelligent software solution from Seichter.

For new machines and for retrofitting, we offer the option of our desk in a variant with 6 conveyor belts as an alternative to the usual 2 long conveyor belts.

This offers a lasting improvement to the positioning of smaller or particularly flat tires.

A small installation space has always been a major advantage of Seichter machine designs.
If the uniformity machine is also to be used to measure geometry, the footprint is extended by only 400 mm.

More technical data:

Uniformity Measurement
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