Seichter GmbH

... filed a patent application in 1981 for the first sensor for automated inspection of tire geometry.

As a pioneer in the field of measurement technology and tire inspection, Seichter is today one of the world’s leading suppliers of state-of-the-art measuring machines in the area of final inspection of tires and wheels.

The automotive industry’s requirements for tires and wheels are growing steadily, and electric cars are reinforcing this trend. In addition, tires are also becoming larger in diameter and flatter in cross-section. In the tire industry, this leads automatically to increasing demands on measuring machines.

As a result, our portfolio of measuring machines and analysis parameters is constantly growing. Our Made in Germany range of services extends from the individual measuring machine to a complete test line.

Electric light was not invented by improving the candle.

Our entry into the tire and wheel industry came as a result of the capacitive sensors for geometry measurement patented by Seichter. Numerous machine engineering companies, which today are among the leading suppliers of tire and wheel manufacturers, have purchased their sensors from Seichter.

In the early 2000s, Seichter GmbH took the decision to build its own testing machines for the final finish of tires and wheels. Seichter quickly became a system supplier of complete lines from the lube station to the sorting lift. Right from the start, we have relied on software developed in-house, with an early focus on the advantages of modular software components.

We have constantly expanded our product range, and as a result we are now the partner of world-leading manufacturers of motorcycle tires, car tires, car wheels and truck tires.

Key data for our Tire Inspection Center

Applications: Final finish for car, light truck and motorcycle tires

  • Uniformity measurement
  • Geometry measurement
  • Unbalance measurement (prototype in test phase)
  • Max. rim width: 6,5"
  • Max. rim size: 25 "
  • Max. tire width: 400 mm
  • Max. tire weight: 50 kg

What really counts
Short cycle time, freely configurable inspection processes, high repeat accuracy, compact design, fast and precise tire inflation, long maintenance intervals.

Tire inspection is a broad term

Key data for our Truck Tire Inspection Centers

Applications: Geometry measurement for truck and bus tires

  • Max. rim width: 10 "
  • Max. rim size: 25 "
  • Max. tire width: 600 mm
  • Max. tire weight: 150 kg

What really counts
Large rim width, compact and stable design, long maintenance intervals, high repeat accuracy, short cycle time

Smooth ride on a broad base

Key data for our Wheel Inspection Centers

Applications: Final finish for car, light truck and motorcycle tires

  • 87 mm max. Felgenaufnahme
  • 25 " max. Felgengröße
  • 400 mm max. Reifenbreite
  • 50 kg max. Rad

What really counts
Patented conicity correction, intelligent inflation pressure control, short cycle time

Every wheel is a gem
Measurement Technology

Seichter develops its software for measuring machines in-house. 
Upgrades and specific customer solutions are therefore assured.

Measurement technology based on TwinCAT

Each PLC solution has its specific advantages. We give our customers the choice between 

  • TIA Portal from Siemens
  • TwinCAT 2 or 3 from Beckhoff
TIA control

Our production location is in Hanover; we’re at home all over the world.

We are committed to Germany as a business location and live by the values of Made in Germany in the truest sense. That means that our suppliers are close by and have been reliable partners for many years. This is the only way we can guarantee our promise of quality.

Machine CO2 footprints are becoming more and more important, including in machine engineering. The long service life of our testing machines, which is well known in the market, energy recovery of machines during operation and the low energy consumption of our compact machines are important building blocks here.